Solar Panel Cleaning

More and more Southland homes and businesses are investing in solar panels as a source of energy. Remove dust, leaf matter, lichen and bird droppings from your solar panels to ensure they are performing at peak capacity.

Why should you have your solar panels professionally cleaned?

  • Built-up dirt blocks UV rays - many independent studies agree that dirty solar panels are up to 25% less efficient
  • Cleaning keeps the surface of your panels in top shape
  • NZ Property Care has the equipment for the job, keeping you safe and off of your roof

NZ Property Care uses the latest “pure water” technology that purifies water by filtering it through a deionisation tank, leaving it chemical and mineral-free. This “pure water” is then run through a pole with a specialised soft cleaning brush on the end that will not scratch your panels and will leave them spot-free with no mineral deposits and in optimal condition.

We offer a bulk discount if you combine any two or more of our cleaning services.

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Discounts available

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    Our pricing

    • Businesses: Free on-site visit
    • Small properties (75-125 m2): From $100*
    • Medium properties (100-175 m2): From $180*
    • Large properties (200-300 m2): From $250*
    * Cleaning costs vary depending on factors like the size of your array, the height of your building and the pitch of your roof. We are always willing to come out and look at your home or business to provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

Automate your cleaning

Set and forget your cleaning with our easy-to-use online system, and never have to worry about dirty spouting again.