Pure Water Cleaning Technology

NZ Property Care uses a Pure Water system to clean your windows and solar panels. Pure water is fed through a pole that is equipped with specialised cleaning brushes and can extend to multiple lengths.

What is Pure Water Cleaning?

The 'Pure Water' system filters regular tap water and purifies it in a deionisation tank that removes all minerals, impurities and chemicals.

What are the benefits of Pure Water Cleaning?

Using regular tap water to clean a window and then letting it dry will leave minerals on the glass that cause hard water spots and mineral staining.

The 'Pure Water' system removes all these minerals, impurities and chemicals, so when the window dries, there are no trace deposits left behind. No squeegees or other drying techniques are needed to achieve this spot-free result.

Automate your cleaning

Set and forget your cleaning with our easy-to-use online system, and never have to worry about dirty spouting again.