Moss/Mold/Lichen Treatment

Treat moss, mold, lichen, fungus and algae today

Left untreated, moss, mold, lichen, fungus and algae can:

  • Be a safety hazard
  • Can damage your buildings roof and external cladding
  • Could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs
  • Make your property look unsightly and neglected

Our moss, mold, lichen,fungus treatment is guaranteed to work on all exterior surfaces from roofs - paths - driveways - decks - fences and will keep the surface treated for up to 3 years

NZ Property Care uses specialist bio degradable treatment that is safe for plants and pets and will not damage the surface being treated

We offer a bulk discount if you combine any two or more of our cleaning services. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Automate your cleaning

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